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A serene environment for learning with the state of the art facilities coupled with well trained staff, intensive curriculum that has a touch of national and international accreditations put in a stimulating sustainable learning environment. We lay emphasis on the personal development of each of our pupil’s talents abilities and knowledge, bearing in mind their very unique attributes.

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We understand that parents have in their possession a trust which is to be treasured and nurtured. It is on this backdrop that Little Teddies School came into existence. Our school is committed to nourishing each child's passion for learning. It is our believe that Early Childhood Development is the most cost efficient investment in human capital which leads to a country's sustainable development. Please give us a call today.
#2, Rumuogba Street, Artillery, Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria +234 (0) 803 309 6143, +234 (0) 802 545 6613


Toddlers within the age group (1 - 2) Years old are accepted or moved into this class. A wealth of activities and experiences based on the Early Years Curriculum and designed specifically for this age group is used. Research shows that at this age children learn through games, learning centre and creative play.

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NURSERY (3 YEARS - 4 YEARS) In this class, the children build on what they were taught in pre-nursery as well as develop knowledge and skills in all developmental areas including physical, social and intellectual. Here children discover how to learn and establish an early foundation for lifelong learning skills.

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Here, the children deepen the skills learnt in the nursery classes and build new skills sets that will prepare and help to ease the transition between nursery and basic classes. The curriculum is designed to develop the essential reading, language, mathematical, problem solving, deductive reasoning skills.

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Sustainable Learning Environment

Education unlocks doors of opportunities. When you help students learn, you help them live. As a place of learning, we help our pupils understand school's impact on the environment and become places where sustainable living and working is demonstrated to young people and the community.
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Our students are supported and inspired to reaching their highest level of personal achievement through good learning habits, self-discipline and a strong sense of responsibility. Staff in the school place  strong emphasis on the importance of academic excellence, kindness, courtesy, and consideration for others.

  • Sustanaible Learning Environment
  • Technologically Innovative Teaching
  • Home away from home for pupils
  • Inpiring pupils to become resposible citizens
  • Emphasis on academic excellence
  • A safe and Secured place for learning
  • Great Classroom Management Strategies
  • Optimal Classroom Population
  • Robust parent-school management relationship
  • ICT certification for pupils

Our Partners

Our school is built with experience, friendliness and proficiency in mind.
Fedena Fedena School ERP to run your institution efficiently.
Fedena is a cloud based school Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP) software deplored in Little Teddies for both administrative and accademic purposes.
Ministry of Education Giving Education direction in Nigeria.
Developing curricula and syllabuses at the national level in conjunction with other bodies and Formulating national policies on education to Control the quality of education in the country.
NCC Education A global provider and awarding body of British education. Established in 1991 as NCC Education, is a leading awarding organization offering affordable and flexible globally recognized Business and Computing qualifications.