At Little Teddies Play Group, Nursery and Primary School our pupils are taught how to learn. Core learning skills are imbibed in them to help develop their capacities to research, critically think and communicate their ideas in multi-modal ways.

From their very first day at School they are made to see themselves as high achievers. The explicit teaching model of instruction here is hinged on educational research. Key concepts and skills are overtly taught and revised with students on a daily basis.

In addition our students participate in specialized instruction in Music, Visual Arts and Physical Education. Pupils also participate in home economics program, Sport and Instrumental Music.

Our teachers work collaboratively in teams to support diverse abilities and interests of students. Students are challenged and given opportunities to apply their learning in different contexts. Students who require additional time and support are assisted by a team of teachers we have a faculty ratio of 12:1.

Little Teddies Playgroup, Nursery and Primary School



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